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Passendo is the cutting-edge solution that transforms the way publishers engage with their audience through email advertising. Its best-in-class email ad server generates incremental revenues, boosts productivity and optimizes email ad campaigns

A newsletter ad server built to manage direct sold ads

Unlock the power of email advertising with Passendo’s newsletter ad server trusted and used by leading publishers.

Passendo’s ad server acts like Google’s Ad Manager but in newsletters, with an integrated live auction algorithm that enables real time bidding.

Match your ads to the right audience by leveraging your 1st party data to improve targeting, engagement and sales revenues.

Flexible control and seamless styling

The newsletter ad server with a built-in ad studio for the creation of display and native ads that seamlessly blend in the context of the newsletter

Use Passendo to automatically match your ads with the look and feel in your newsletters with responsive formats and unique designs for desktop and mobile.

Faster, smoother workflows

Publishers have saved thousands of hours of hardcoding work, thanks to an easy one-time tag integration in their email templates.

Passendo is ESP agnostic and with its open API it can integrate with any internal system to harmonize internal workflows, reporting and forecasting

The original native ad server for newsletters

70+ newsletter publishers use Passendo to power up their commercial newsletter strategy, using it as a main revenue generator to maximize direct sales and sell-through on newsletters.

Best in class anti-MPP and proxy filtering, waterfall priority and integrations with leading DSPs to enable programmatic deals into newsletters are only few of the many features used by our clients to drive their newsletter revenues

More efficient newsletter workflows

  • Keep all your newsletter ad serving in one place

  • Remove the need to hardcode native ads with a one time ad tag

  • Real-time data and reporting, in the UI, or exported to your preferred reporting solution

  • Separate workflows for AdOps and editors

  • Book newsletter ads day/weeks/months in advance

  • Reduce errors in an error-prone ad serving process

  • Serve ads in email newsletters just like on the web

Better newsletter commercialization

  • Deliver your ads on email open, in real-time

  • Sell ads as sponsorship, CPM, CPC, CPA

  • Introduce high impact, native ad formats

  • Use your first party data to properly target audiences with ads

  • Leverage built-in ad serving optimization: frequency control for views, clicks, pacing and more

  • Use unsold inventory for strategic internal offers, tailored to the individual user

What our clients say

Nora Chapero
Nora ChaperoHead of Business Development - audienzz AG
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This offers advertisers an optimal solution: It gives them the opportunity to land directly within their target groups' mailboxes via in-email ads. We are committed to ensuring a highly efficient process and, with partnerships and innovations such as this, we are able to bring the entire spectrum of journalistic services to the advertising market.
Alen Kurt
Alen KurtHead of Operations Global Division - NHST Media Group
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Passendo provides sales opportunities we haven't had before, giving our sales staff extra edge. The interface is intuitive, quick, easy to learn and use.
Victoria Flint
Victoria FlintData Analyst - Ebner Media Group
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I want you know that I really appreciate how active you all are with customer service. Keep up the good work!
George Yedinak
George YedinakCo Founder - Aging Media
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Passendo has allowed us to migrate and consolidate delivery and reporting from three different systems leadding to a simpler, more efficient operation.
Remo Baumeler
Remo BaumelerCEO - audienzz AG
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The goal of this ongoing collaboration was to make our newsletter advertising product scalable and to launch Emvoy, the first newsletter network in Switzerland, on a CPM/CPC basis, which will enable us to offer the Swiss market a valuable and unique new advertising channel and to generate new revenue streams for premium publishers. This has been achieved rapidly and already the results have been extremely impressive
Leif Kramer
Leif KramerDirector of Product Development - OAO
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We have our own customized AdServer stack, with multiple ESP´s in our network. Close collaboration and technical support gave us a scalable, accurate integration that empowered us to expand our technology service offering.
Markus Ekberg
Markus EkbergChief Revenue Officer – Programmatic IDG Sweden
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Passendo made it possible for us to monetise our newsletters as a new revenue source and we’re able to sell, deliver and report our direct-sold campaigns much more efficiently, with more control and in an effective manner. Big praise goes out to the entire Passendo team that have been incredibly professional in everything from implementation, managing the customer relationship, and in day-to-day support.
Jordan Kilty
Jordan KiltyDigital Ad Operations Manager - Business Insurance
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Since partnering with Passendo, we have seen improved newsletter ad metrics as well as better scalability for our newsletter ad offerings
Michael Ring
Michael RingVP, Digital Strategy - Access Intelligence
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Passendo allows us to be a nimble in our email ad serving capabilities, while future proofing our business for the upcoming deprecation of pixel targeting.
David Betz
David BetzHead of Data & Adtech - Ebner Media Group
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Using Passendo we had an 80% reduction in time spent on managing campaigns across our newsletter network.

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