The Ad Server & Native Platform for Email Advertising

Publishers: Empower your inventory with high-performing ad formats

Advertisers: Reach your audience in a premium environment



Ad Serving stack tailored to your digital Email Advertising Strategy

Ad Serving: Manage your email inventory programmatically with Native and Display

Native Plugin: Auto-generated native ad formats across your inventory

Premium Demand: Access our powerful demand network programmatically and direct with guaranteed fill rates


Passendo For Advertisers

Reach the most engaged users on the web, at scale.

Access the most unique inventory, that you’re not already buying

Available Formats: Display & Native

International Network of Premium Editorial Newsletters


Passendo Native Exchange

We seamlessly integrate with demand platforms across the globe.

Through integrations we provide access to high quality Native Demand

Fully & Structurally integrated into our Ad Serving Stack for full flexibility

We work with all types of Exchanges; both API and RTB Driven

We connect Engaged audiences with Premium Demand