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Our Story

Founded by two digital advertising pioneers in 2016, with a combined half century of shared industry experience, Passendo was created to overcome the technological barriers that limited the commercial potential of email advertising. Since then, Passendo has become an award-winning platform that provides value for publishers and advertisers worldwide, from four locations across the globe.

What drives our success

We are a team of email visionaries who see the untapped potential of one of the oldest digital channels in the world. Together with our best in class email advertising platform, we are driven to create value for email communicators and advertisers worldwide… and we like to have some fun doing it!

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Our Vision, Mission,

Purpose and Values

Hear what our people say

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Facts about Passendo

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Started in 2016 by co-founders Andreas Jürgensen and Anders Rantzau Rasmussen



Peoples Ventures (2019),
First Party Capital (2021)
& Newion (2021)

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Latest investment round finalised in October 2021 with 30 staff



Copenhagen (HQ), Belgrade, London, New Yorka

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Global Presence

Global reach across Europe, UK, Australia, USA, and India


Premium in-email inventory

+ 5000 Newsletters

Meet the team behind Passendo

Our leaderhip team

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Our Locations

Headquartered in Copenhagen, the main Sales, Marketing and Customer Growth are positioned there, with the Development team, Recruitment and Customer Success support located in Belgrade. Further Sales and Business Development teams are based in London and New York.

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