Passendo for Advertisers

Build Your Brand with the internet’s most dedicated audience, Email Users

Features that’s never been possible in e-mail before

Optimization by eCPM, CTR and conversion pixel

Pacing Control

Hosting of creatives

Frequency Control

Geolocation targeting

Self Service platform

Start date – end date

CRM retargeting – upload and target your customer list

Real-time optimization

Passendo for Advertisers

Increase Brand Awareness whilst tapping into our Premium Publisher Network

This is a highly Engaged Opt-in media

Email users have given permission to our publishers to receive content on a regular basis. Providing the basis for higher intent and trust in the received message.

Advertise in a premium environment

Maintain brand safety and build your brand among the best content from our extensive international Publisher network.

Native Case Study

Opel Sees Significant Campaign Performance Increase on Passendo Native Format