The Context: Ebner Media Group is one of Germany’s leading B2B and special interest medias, with offices across Germany and seven international locations. Ebner, an organisation with over two centuries of heritage, has over the past decade reinvented itself into a digitally robust organisation that stands on the forefront of leveraging strong product strategies to drive its development.

The Challenge: With over 80 newsletters and a proactive sales effort, Ebner sought a solution to match their high operative ambitions and needs for a complete platform for the management of campaigns into newsletters. They also sought new tools to scale the commercial potential of the medium even further.

The Solution: The incorporation of Passendo’s Ad Serving tech centralised and optimised ad management into Ebner’s network of newsletters, alongside tools to develop new native formats that would augment the newsletter product, whilst scaling its commercial potential through the benefits of real time ad serving and automated campaign management.

Why Ebner Chose Passendo for its Newsletter Ad Serving

Organisational Fit

Ebner needed to identify a replacement solution for its existing legacy ad server, which would fit the organisation’s digital transformation strategies and further develop existing commercial products. Passendo’s product offering was deemed as being a solid fit for both aims.

Technical Requirements

An easy-to-use Ad Server built for email, capable of running a multitude of campaigns simultaneously across a network of newsletters. These needs were answered by Passendo’s platform with additional data targeting features and a native plugin further valued by Ebner.

Commercial Needs

Ebner has been able to scale its commercial native products since they no longer require extensive manual workflows for sponsored teasers and posts. Furthermore, Ebner has been able to go about their product packaging differently with a dedicated email ad server, starting to use volume-based delivery goals besides standard email ownerships.

How Ebner has utilised Passendo to pivot the Commercial offering of its Newsletter Product

As facilitated by Passendo’s ad server, Ebner has begun the journey from serving pre-defined “ownership” campaigns running as static banners for a predetermined amount of time to all users, to selling campaigns with volume based delivery goals, sold across its network of nearly 90 newsletters, in competition with one another. This is an iterative process, as the team gets to grips with Passendo’s technology as the commercial and ad ops based workflows get acclimated to the new opportunities which the setup allows for.

The starting point was to first run a few campaigns per placement, with a focus on emulating a sponsorship model, and a fixed timeframe being the key metric to the campaign. From here, they moved towards volume based sales of campaigns, with a growing focus on improving lead generation for their clients, all which is optimised and facilitated by the Ad Server.

Sold campaigns are booked in a priority waterfall, creating a deeper commercial model within the network, offering the advertiser a more dynamic newsletter product, with more exact metrics and control over the campaign’s delivery.  Being able to manage click, impression and conversion based campaigns all through Passendo.

In moving from Hard coding each Creative to Real Time Ad Serving, Ebner have Saved Significant Operational Resources and optimised the Newsletter’s ROI

Before Passendo – Manual uploading and hard coding of natives into newsletters before they’re sent – approximately 12-15 mins/placement.

With Passendo – Natives and displays served in real time across multiple newsletters upon their opening – approximately 2-3 mins/placement

Final Results – Managing a large amount of campaigns each week (80+) Ebner is saving up to 20 working hours a week of managing their campaigns through Passendo. With the more concurrent campaigns ran, the greater the time saved with one-click trafficking across multiple newsletters.