In the age of global uncertainty, media organisations are looking to diversify their revenue streams across their product portfolios. Balancing user engagement, editorial quality and advertising revenue is a constant balance and one that’s vital in terms of long term growth.

This is the backdrop on which our latest Publisher Case has been created; following the journey taken by IDG Sweden, part of International Data Group, the globe’s largest Tech Media organisation. Who together with Passendo, have over the past 12 months worked to iterate and develop their newsletter product. In doing so, creating new synergies with clients whilst driving incremental revenue through Passendo’s Ad Exchange.

On both counts creating greater commercial depth to each newsletter, whilst offering a more dynamic proposition to clients with exact volume delivery and reporting whilst giving them the opportunity to bid on a unique and high performing inventory.

IDG Sweden have positioned their newsletter product as an integrated offering in the form of both native and display offerings. Giving the sales team’s a more integrated product to sell and with that have scaled monthly direct sold newsletter revenues by 454% alongside incremental revenue from Passendo’s Ad Exchange. 

Whilst also using Passendo’s Ad Exchange to supplement any remnant unsold inventory with native content from Passendo’s own ad sales team and select partners. 

Operationally, IDG have moved their newsletter product in line with other channels in terms of automating workflows from campaign creation, management and reporting – making campaign management within a newsletter context more inline to other digital products. With the long tail ambition of setting up PMPs and creating bespoke verticals for their clients to access their inventory in a self service fashion, once again pushing the envelope of what’s possible within a newsletter environment.