In the age of crumbling cookies, walled gardens and publisher’s reigning in control of their inventory, the humble newsletter has remained a steadfast and reliable source of quality and engagement. A product that can help publisher’s diversify revenue streams, provide a qualitative user and client experience – all wrapped up in an environment that doesn’t rely on Third-Party Cookies.

This is the backdrop on which our latest Publisher Case has been created; following the journey taken by NHST Media Group, one of the Globe’s leading Media Groups covering the Shipping, Fishery, Upstream, and Energy sectors, based out of Oslo, Norway. 

NHST have moved from delivering the newsletter product as an add-on to their other products, to positioning it as its own premium channel, with native and display options within a unique and high performing environment. Enabling their sales teams to extend an augmented product offering, in terms of new formats and greater functionality from a user perspective. Coupled with the likes of piping in audience data for targeting and volume based delivery – to provide additional value-adds. 

Operationally, NHST have moved their newsletter product in line with other channels in terms of automating workflows from campaign creation, management and reporting. 

Bringing newsletters back into the fold and ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the post-cookie world.