Social Media Post: Revolutionalising your email newsletter advertising is a lot easier than you think. It’s just a matter of deploying a solution that will allow you to drive performance farther than ever before.

Serving newsletters has certainly had its success in the past as a revenue driver. The problem is, little has been done to innovate newsletter ad serving for maximal performance. Until now. 

If your newsletter native ads have been underperforming or haven’t exhibited recent growth, it’s time for a revolution. Below we’ll explore how you can start offering targeted native ads within your newsletters that will drive product engagement and ad performance.

Newsletter Ad Serving: Key Challenges

The key challenge in newsletter advertising is largely to do with the lack of data tools. The marketplace for complete newsletter ad management and reporting is minuscule, leaving brands to improve the ways they deploy and monitor their newsletter ad campaigns. If your newsletter is a major revenue driver and therefore has high-reliance on performance success, this can be a huge challenge. 

Take Ebner for example. 

Ebner Media Group is one of Germany’s leading B2B and special interest media outlets, with offices across Germany and seven countries internationally. Ebner has over the past decade reinvented itself into a digitally robust organization and stands at the forefront of levying strong product strategies to drive its development.

Ebner already had an extensive newsletter operation, with over 80 active newsletters and a proactive sales effort. The challenge is finding a solution to match their high ambitions and needs for a complete platform for the management of newsletter campaigns. Whilst also having the tools to scale revenues through the medium further.

A Complete Solution

Like Ebner, many high-level media serving brands look for specific selling points when it comes to finding a solution. 

This solution beckons functionality in the following core pillars:


A replacement solution for the existing legacy ad server that fits in with the organization’s digital transformation strategies to further develop existing commercial products.


An easy-to-use Ad Server built for email, capable of running a multitude of campaigns simultaneously across a network of newsletters. Offering data targeting features a native plugin optimal performance is a huge plus.


Ability to scale commercial native products due to extinct, mundane manual workflows for sponsored teasers and posts.

Steps in Revolutionalising Your Newsletter Advertising

Completely revolutionalising your newsletter advertising means finding a native email advertising solution that targets critical objectives. Not just in performance, but management. Doing so, with a solution like Passendo, typically means undergoing a strategic success process designed to solve key newsletter advertising challenges:

  1. Build, Test, and Confirm – Ensure seamless integration into the existing email server through careful compatibility testing.
  2. Detailing Objectives – A kickoff session to set expectations and alignment on formats while the technology integration phase takes place.
  3. Testing – Thorough test campaigns for quality assurance, creative setup, publishing.
  4. Training – In-depth training sessions with the technical team to gain a deeper understanding of campaign setup and optimization, accompanied by one-on-one training sessions facilitated within existing internal communication platforms.
  5. Further Development – Continual needs assessment to align Passendo product offerings with core brand newsletter ad objectives.

The Outcome: A Glance at Ebner

After undergoing Passendo’s strategic success process for their revolutionary newsletter native advertising solution, they experienced an outcome far greater than they could have expected.

As facilitated by Passendo’s ad server, Ebner has begun the journey from serving pre-defined campaigns running as static banners for a predetermined amount of time to all users, to selling volume-based campaigns, sold across its network of nearly 80 newsletters, in competition with one another. This is an iterative process, as the team gets to grips with Passendo’s technology as the commercial and ad ops based workflows get acclimated to the new opportunities which the setup allows for. 

The starting point is to first run a few campaigns per placement, but with a focus on emulating a sponsorship model, with a fixed timeframe being the key metric to the campaign.

From there, Ebner will move to focus the sales effort towards a few volume-based campaigns as part of a transitional phase published across a range of newsletters which are booked in a priority waterfall, creating a deeper commercial model, within said network, offering the advertiser a more dynamic newsletter product and with more exact metrics and control over said campaigns. Being able to manage click, impression and conversion-based campaigns all through Passendo.

Future Development

Utilizing a solution, such as Passendo, to revolutionalise newsletter advertising means reaching critical objectives that weren’t possible prior to adopting it as your targeted email native ads solution.

This includes spearheading ground-breaking initiatives such as: 

  • Exploring native formats intermixed with custom display campaigns, or leveraging Passendo’s Native engine to build custom formats to drive engagement. content and the newsletter product offering towards its multitude of advertisers. To create commercial content that syncs up aesthetically with the editorial environment.
  • Hook up newsletter inventory to the programmatic space, with SSP and DSP integrations available to provide a greater breadth to organizational commercial models.
  • API for reports and CRM On a long term basis, Passendo will shape its ongoing development of an open API to suit your brand’s needs for advanced reporting solutions and custom integration with your CRM.

Want to know what revolutionalising your newsletter advertising with Passendo will do for you? Read the complete case study: How Ebner Media Group redeveloped its B2B Newsletter Product with Passendo’s AdServing Technology.