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Using Passendo’s Ad Serving Technology, IDG Sweden Repositioned their Newsletters and Quadrupled its Revenue.

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IDG Sweden are part of International Data Group (IDG) the world’s largest Tech Media Company.

Why IDG Sweden Chose Passendo


IDG Sweden have had a significant focus on digital transformation and in exploring new revenue streams for their digital products. They saw their newsletter channel as a high performing, but underutilised one that did not get the same tools and attention as other products. The organisation was open to exploring new technologies with the intention of bringing newsletters back above the fold.

The Human Element

Passendo’s personal approach proved key in building trust in not only in the technology but also the relationship between the teams, with a focus on transparency and speed of service.


Previously, the newsletter workflow only allowed for pre-defined creatives before send, with all users receiving the same content. If errors were made, there was no way to rectify on the fly. Through extensive testing in a trial period, technical fit was ascertained, with Passendo being on a technical level that could integrate with their ESP and serve content in real time within the previously static newsletter environment.


Passendo offered commercial flexibility in terms of facilitating volume based delivery models. AThis allowed for a revamp of the product offering to clients, in packaging the medium, and also created greater value for advertisers with new incremental revenue opportunities that come with Passendo’s Exchange.

Creating Commercial Depth for each Placement

High Priority


Direct Sold Campaigns by IDG

These are campaigns sold at a premium rate by IDG’s own sales teams, being finely attuned to their brands – they’re able to charge a higher price point (CPM/CPC).




Passendo Ad Exchange

Passendo’s Ad exchange is comprised of Passendo’s direct sold efforts from its in-house ad sales team – these campaigns are sold at a Run of Network or Vertical basis per market Beyond these IO’s, a number of regionally dominant DSPs and thereafter native demand partners, are given the option to bid on said inventory in a backfill capacity to bring in incremental revenue on the otherwise unsold inventory.

Low Priority



If no bids are made from either IDG or Passendo, the placement reverts to either an in-house offer (generating traffic) or a 1×1 fallback that collapses the unit within the email template.

Multiple Demand Sources for each Placement

Within each ad placement, Passendo’s tag enables IDG Sweden to run multiple campaign bookings, whilst also being connected to Passendo’s Exchange, allowing for multiple demand sources to bid in on said inventory within each placement’s “waterfall”.

Campaign delivery in this context comes down to several controllable factors; such as pacing settings, view and click frequencies, geolocation targeting and what the effective cost per mille (eCPM) is that it generates.

This allows IDG Sweden to run ad placements with a theoretically unlimited amount of campaigns competing for its inventory, keeping content fresh and allowing for a more dynamic commercial model in terms of running volume based campaigns.

Native Content in a Newsletter-all in Real Time

Passendo Ad Exchange

The “framework” of the native unit is built in Passendo’s UI and rendered in real time – allowing for active split testing and iterations to content during the campaign’s duration (previously this was all hard coded before the newsletter was sent). All campaigns booked on this specific placement and within the aforementioned waterfall, adhere to the native framework.

Passendo’s Native’s are rendered as an image and are comprised of three elements:


Headline Text

Main Text

Passendo’s Native Engine builds these to match the native specs of the specific ad placement – creating a render.

IDG Sweden have worked closely with Passendo’s Client Success Team to build Native Units that match the aesthetics of their editorial environment.

How IDG are Positioning Their Revamped Product to Clients

Low ad density B2B:

Consumer & SMB:

Volume-Based Sales

Sold as a premium product on a impression or click basis across verticals, enabling accurate delivery of campaigns and several campaigns competing for said inventory.

A Highly Engaged Audience

With newsletters being a high performing, high intent environment (compared to display on web). Advertiser’s are buying exposure within an environment that see high levels of engagement.