Passendo Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement is version no. 1, last updated 28.11.2022

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) governs the use of Passendo’s Technical platforms and defines the expected reliability of the platforms.

1) General Uptime Commitment: 99.95%

With all commercially reasonable efforts, and counting all parameters that Passendo can control, Passendo will ensure that the availability of our services will be 99.95% as seen over a rolling 30 (thirty) day window.

The same availability guarantee is made for our Management Platform, but only within business hours. Monthly Uptime Percentage of 99.95% means that we guarantee you will experience no more than 21.56 min/month of Unavailability.

If we do not meet this Service Commitment, the Publisher will be eligible to receive a Service Credit as defined below.

This does not include Service Maintenance as defined otherwise in this contract.

2) Definitions

a) “Business Hours” Business hours are defined as Monday to Friday from 09:00 CET to 17:00 CET in the winter period, 09:00 CEST to 17:00 CEST in the summer period. Any other time is considered outside of Business Hours.

b) “Passendo Management Platform” The platform is defined

as the Passendo online infrastructure providing Publishers access to the Passendo management services, including but not limited to User Interfaces for controlling ad-serving.

c) “Passendo Ad-serving Platform” The platform is defined as the Passendo online infrastructure providing end-users the ability to load requests made from email newsletters and/or webpages. This includes but is not limited to ad-serving, creative serving, and ad-tracking.

d) “Service Maintenance” Service Maintenance is defined as Passendo updating, changing or otherwise modifying infrastructure and/or systems.

e) “Availability“ Availability is defined as the Publisher having the ability to have end-users open emails and/or web pages that includes ad-tags as pulled from the Passendo Management Platform. These ad-tags facilitate the end-user’s email Publisher or internet browser to fetch ads via the Passendo Ad-serving Platform. These ads should be fetched fully and wholly within a defined time period, as otherwise defined in this agreement.

f) “Publisher” The Publisher is defined as a Publisher of Passendo, having entered into a commercial relationship to use Passendo’s platforms. The Publisher will use the Passendo Management interface to administer its ad-serving configuration with Passendo.

g) “End-user” The end-user is a user of Publisher’s systems, requesting content from the Publisher and ads through the Passendo ad-serving platform.

3) Response and Resolution

a) Within Business Hours, Passendo will make utmost commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Publisher the following support timeframes, always measured from when the request was submitted by the Publisher:
First manual response: 30 minutes.
Resolution: 24 hours.

b) Furthermore, Publisher should be updated regularly on relevant developments in the resolution of the request, commonly every 2 hours.

c) If the resolution time cannot be met, Passendo is obligated to notify the Publisher before 24 hours have passed.

4) Support Channel

a) Passendo’s Publisher Success Team is available by contacting the following email address:

b) Support tickets can also be created from within the Passendo Management Platform and from the Passendo Service Desk (

c) Should Publisher choose to do so, a shared Slack Channel can be created between Passendo and the Publisher, in which the Publisher’s End Users will have permanent access to direct communication with relevant Passendo Team Members, still following the timeframes defined above.

5) Documentation

a) Publisher will have free access to the Service Desk of Passendo, accessible on the following link:

b) Passendo is obligated to keep the Documentation up-to-date at all times. At all times Publisher can request additional documentation which will be built and made available as deemed necessary by Passendo.

6) Emergencies

a) For acute, business critical situations outside Business Hours that require the immediate attention of a Passendo Employee, Publisher is provided the following email address to trigger Passendo’s Emergency Protocol:

b) The Publisher is obligated to reserve use of this offering for business critical situations only. Passendo reserves the right to revoke the Protocol in case it is repeatedly misused.

7) Monitoring

a) Passendo strives to provide a load time for ad-tags below 200ms as seen from any end-user and to keep the average load time across all ad-tags below 100ms.

b) All Passendo systems are monitored by several external monitoring tools, and the Availability of the platform is defined as seen from this control panel:

8) SLA Exclusions

a) Passendo reserves a service window weekly on Sunday morning between 06:00CET and 07:00CET in the winter period and 06:00CEST and 07:00CEST during summer time for service maintenance. This period is not covered by this SLA, but every effort possible will be made to keep the system running under normal parameters in this time period.

b) This SLA will not cover any activities that fall outside of the allowed usage of the platform.

c) Passendo uses cloud computing sub-contractors and cannot as such guarantee their infrastructure. Passendo will however state that we use only tier 1 providers and they guarantee us 99.95% uptime on all systems. Any subcontractor outages beyond this is not covered by this agreement.

9) Service Credit

a) Should the performance of the Passendo Ad Serving Platform fail to meet the General Uptime Commitment, the Publisher will be entitled to a partial refund of invoiced service fee costs from Passendo, measured as the outage percentage subtracted from 99.95%. As an example; if a Publisher is due to be invoiced 10.000 for a specific service period, and they see availability of 95.54% for that period, they are entitled to a refund of (99,95– 95,54)/100*10.000=441)

b) Such a refund will only happen after the last ended billing period, and upon the request of Publisher.


Do you have more questions?

Contact our Support Team directly, to get them answered.

Do you have more questions?

Contact our Support Team directly, to get them answered.

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