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Newsletters can have a powerful place in your marketing strategy. With the right content, you can build loyalty, habit, and engagement.
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Newsletters can have a powerful place in your marketing strategy. With the right content, you can build loyalty, habit, and engagement. The hardest part of a newsletter, though, is knowing what to include to make it more effective. We’ll lay out some ideas to help you create an effective newsletter content strategy, tips on how to increase engagement, and some content ideas to get your wheels turning.

How to Write Effective Newsletter Content

The email newsletter is today’s equivalent of a newspaper on your doorstep. It has the power to deliver information to your subscribers that they really care about, straight into their inbox, while allowing you to drive more website traffic. If you want to start (or re-start) a newsletter for your brand or business, here are ten steps you’ll want to take to make it as effective as possible.

1. Define Your Goals

What do you want to achieve with your newsletter? Set some KPIs so you know if your newsletter is working or not. For example, maybe you want to increase your website traffic by 5% or attain a 3% click-through rate. Having those measurements in place will give you a way to track your progress.

2. Set Content Guidelines

Think about what you want to provide to your readers. Is your goal to inform? Entertain? A bit of both? Setting content guidelines in place will help you develop a stronger content strategy while staying true to your brand or company voice.

3. Brainstorm Audience Approved Topics

What does your audience want to read? Look at what blog posts do well on your website, what your competitors are writing about, and what’s performing well on your social media. Don’t be afraid to reach out directly to your audience, too, and ask them what they want to learn more about–this can be a great first email to them!

4. Make Content Short (But Effective)

Newsletters give you a lot of space to work with but you’ll want to keep content short and sweet. Remember that readers are going to scan most of your newsletter, so you’ll want to keep it fairly concise. They are much more likely to delete long content before they finish it, so aim for 20 to 30 lines of content.

5. Blend Content with Visuals

Content is king, so the saying goes, but it’s nothing without good visuals. Pair your content with on-brand visuals such as photography, infographics, or product shots. This makes your content easy to scan and more engaging.

6. Research Your Optimal Sending Time

The best time to send your newsletter will depend on how often you are sending it out, your customers, and your goals. Research your optimal sending time so you can avoid too many people hitting that delete button.

7. Focus on Information Over Promotion

Your newsletter should be about 90% information and 10% promotion. If you do too much promotion, it’s more likely to get deleted before it’s read. Informative newsletters will have a much higher open rate.

8. Build Your Contact List

Do this organically, not through a purchased list. If you use a purchased list, your newsletter could get blacklisted by the major email providers and land you straight in the spam box. There are many ways to build your contact list and increase your newsletter subscribers, but you can start with Use  using your website and social media as a place to encourage visitors to sign up for your email newsletter.  

9. Develop Smart CTA Guidelines

Your call-to-action (CTA) should be brief, clear, and leave no doubt in the reader’s mind about what they should do next. Something as simple as a button that says “learn more” at the end of a post can bring a huge increase in website traffic. Experiment with options and find what works best for you.

10. Analyse, Optimise, Repeat

Your newsletter will never be perfect, but with enough analytics, you can get it close. Track those KPIs so you know how your email newsletter is performing. Then optimise it with the information you have, and keep tweaking. You’ll eventually find a formula that works for you but keep striving for better and better.

Newsletter Content Ideas

Once you have your content strategy in place, it’s time to start creating. Sometimes this is the hard part because you’ll need to craft engaging, informative content again and again. Good news, though. There are a lot of different formats, methods, and ideas you can use to keep your email newsletter fresh every time. Here are five reusable content ideas to help you get started.

Helpful Newsletter Content Ideas

1. How-To Guides

Create a step-by-step guide about how to accomplish something your audience cares about. You might help them solve a pain point or better incorporate your product into their routine.

2. Top 10 Lists

These lists offer bite-size chunks of content in an easy-to-personalise package. The information should be useful, but you can use the format for almost anything. Use this format for a list of tips, product recommendations, or even best practices.

3. Celebrations and Achievements

Has your company recently won an award? Have you hit a major goal? Share it with your customers! Sharing your successes can help build brand confidence with your newsletter readers and let them know you are doing things right.

4. Profile Pieces on Employees

Get personal with employee profiles. This puts a face to the product or service you provide and gives your potential customers a chance to get to know your team better. It’s easier for customers to buy from a company when they know they like the people working there.

5. Expert Answers to Common Questions

Are there questions that come up within your community time and again? Give your readers the low-down on frequently asked questions by getting expert answers. This can be anything about how you make your products to solving a problem for your audience. This kind of expert insight is always appreciated.

What Should I Include in My First Newsletter?

Taking the newsletter plunge for the first time? Here are three must-have tips to get your newsletter campaign off to a strong start.

1. Tell readers what to expect from your newsletter. Let them know how often you plan on sending it and what kind of content you want to include. You need to tell them why they should stay subscribed and how it’s going to benefit them.

2. Amp up your footer. The footer can be an often-neglected area of a newsletter, but it’s actually really important. Use this space to promote your social media channels, provide contact information, and provide unsubscribe information (which is required by law).

3. Use A/B testing. Start your research on day one. Try out different subject lines and see what garners the most clicks. Or experiment with CTAs and discover what delivers the most click-throughs. This will give you a tonne of insight for the next newsletter.

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