” Working with Passendo feels more like we have a new member on our marketing team. Their managers really get into the trenches with us to make sure our campaign is constantly optimized. And the results on user engagement time have been excellent and far exceeded our expectations.”

– Anders Juul Olesen, CRM & Digital Marketing Specialist

COMPANY: Opel is a German car manufacturer, and present in over 50 countries around the globe.

CHALLENGE: Drive campaign success using native formats. They needed increased brand recall and purchase intent for the new Insignia model.

SOLUTION: Use the Passendo platform to increase viewability and time spend on landing page, to a well defined business target group.

”Business car of the year 2018”

Period: 21 days

Visitors: 2864

Time Spent: 05:54 minutes in average

Views: 970.683

Click Through Rate: 0,3% – To landing page


   Frequency: 10           

   Device target: All

  Geo: Denmark

  Optimized across premium business newsletters