The Native Advertising Institute just awarded Passendo with the “Best Use of Native in Email” for its native case study built in collaboration with Opel, at the Native Advertising DAYS in Berlin. The winners were deduced by an extensive panel of native advertising professionals from across the globe.

The winning Motivation reads as follows:

 “This is a technology platform and there are others doing similar but in the sense that it is a dedicated way to deliver targeted content from a wide variety of brands at scale and to an audience defined by data clearly provides value. This case study is exactly how native email should be”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jesper Laursen – CEO Native Advertising Institute

This year’s award once again proves the high engagement rate provided by email, with it being an environment where users have made an active choice to be, one that can be further augmented by technology which drives native content.

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