Passendo’s Email Ad services and Native Platform is resurrecting email campaigns and increased Bonnier Brand’s click-through-rate (CTR) up to four times over. This simple change was implemented as part of a newsletter re-design. Iterative testing by Bonnier showed that CTRs are up to twice as great with native ads compared to traditional ads.

Both idenyt and VoresVilla are leading home and garden media outlets in Denmark and are part of The International Bonnier Company (Bonnier). There are one million households receiving five print magazines per year, and Bonnier has 750,000 unique website visitors and 225,000 e-newsletter subscribers.

In the past, the newsletters had rendered admirable revenues with display ads, but display ads are now considered nearly obsolete within email. Bonnier needed to re-invent their email campaigns quickly and effectively.

Passendo’s easy fix of switching to native ads was highly effective, but in order to sustain and grow those CTRs more needed to be done. Relevant ads for target audiences was a must, but there also needed to be regular rotations of new campaign messages. This required between 20 – 40 rotating campaigns.

Passendo calculated that with a CTR average of 0.35 percent, it was feasible to sell per click (CPC) and achieve an eCPM comparable to a CPM (click per mille). The offer was so attractive they began selling between 5,000 – 20,000 clicks per advertiser. The only thing the advertisers had to do was provide text and images.

First, Passendo created a responsive newsletter template for Bonnier built around native ads. For idenyt, a 300×250 format was used for flawless display on both desktops and mobile devices. Next, Passendo started selling native ads via premium CPC. Backfilling was achieved with Passendo’s supply-side platform (SSP). The native ads were created with Passendo’s Native widget to ensure perfect matching of newsletter aesthetics including font size, choice, and color.

Tweaking and revisiting the newsletters was constant, from how frequently newsletters were sent to ad placement and CTR analyses. New subscribers were also added on a regular basis. This regular monitoring paid off.

Following Passendo’s email re-design, idenyt now has two newsletters with 225,000 subscribers, a 30 percent open rate, eight native ads, and an average CTR per native ad of 0.35 percent. Clicks generated per month average 37.80. Demand for native ads is high, and these ads offer an avenue to reinvigorate digital newsletters. Bonnier now has a long-tail strategy that’s effective and allows for an approach that’s fully managed by Passendo.

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