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We know that every company and campaign is different. That’s why we collaborate with you to match your business goals with a solution and pricing structure that works. We are committed to helping you achieve your business objectives – that’s also why the more you invest, the better the unit price becomes.

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Frequently asked questions, answered.

Newsletter Owners

Ad Server

The minimum cost per month is 950 EUR.

This includes 1 million impressions for you to traffic through the Passendo platform. It also includes access to our UI and all day to day technical support from your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Pricing will depend on various parameters including the number of newsletters and placements you have, the number of ad impressions you have per month, how quickly you plan to onboard and launch, your contract length, SLA, monthly anticipated traffic, number of users, any other custom needs or add-on features you might have.

This can be tailored to your internal deadlines and availability of resources and depends on the complexity of your setup (how many newsletters you have, how many ad placements, size and number of different teams who need training, etc) It can be done within a working week if needed but on average takes between 2-4 weeks

We charge for overages on a CPM basis on top of your monthly fee so your use of Passendo isn’t artificially capped, if you find that your overage usage grows exponentially, we’ll be happy to help find a new minimum service fee reflective of your growth and current usage level accurately.

Yes. During the training and onboarding our highly experienced team will take you through your account set up, placement design, tag creation, integration with your ESP, testing and team training. This helps ensure that you are set up for success from the start in optimising and growing your newsletter product.

If no ad is served to a unit, we strongly recommend that you fill said unit with house/internal content as a means of extending the commercial range and purpose of the unit. We’d be happy to advise on great house/fallback strategies. Beyond that you can also utilise our Ad Exchange to fill any remaining unsold inventory.

Yes. In addition to our standard automated reporting, we can provide a custom mySQL server setup for data export into your reporting suite of choice.

Yes, we are happy to offer a trial so you can make sure our platform meets your aims and needs, before you commit. You can discuss your specific objectives for this trial with your Sales Representative and agree together on what your trial will comprise, considering scale, KPIs and anticipated timelines.

Whilst our footprint is global, all support is based out of our European offices, we work with defined SLA’s in maintaining rapid response and resolution times, we’re happy to tailor the service requirements to your organisation’s needs

Ad Exchange

We offer a revenue share model where the publisher is paid 60% of gross revenue for advertising Passendo runs across your email newsletters.

No. You have full transparency and control within the UI, over what advertising appears in your newsletters which you can manage through category, domain and keyword blocklists or whitelists.

A wide range of factors impact the revenue you’ll see, these are:

  • How many people read your newsletter
  • How many ad slots you have 
  • The newsletter itself and how its recipients interact with content – how responsive your readers are
  • The aesthetics of the native integration 
  • The filtering setup in place e.g. extensive blocklists or whitelists


Besides our own premium demand, Passendo currently works with Voluum DSP, Smartyads, Powerlinks, Outbrain, Taboola, Readpeak and will be launching Interactive Offers, BidSwitch and Adform very soon.

Our exchange primarily constitutes native formats, the actual look and feel of the native unit rests with you as a publisher, these can be both text and image based units or text only natives. We’re happy to provide guidance and share best practices in terms of format styling and placing for optimal performance.

If you’re looking to solely utilise our exchange, we do require a minimum of 5 Million monthly ad impressions.

Advertisers + Agencies

We work with both CPC and CPM.

No we don’t. We want to make campaigns as easy for you to set up as possible, and the self service platform is a great tool to use for doing this.

There is no extra cost and is included in the agreed campaign budget.

The price of CPC and CPM largely depends on which market you are working in, alongside other metrics like volume, channels and segmentation.

No, but we will always do our best to reach the target CPA and optimise towards it. If you want to see how that works, check out some of our recent Customer Cases here.

No, that’s included, In most cases you just implement our tracking pixel on your landing page. In more strategic partnerships we offer server to server tracking.

No, there isn’t a set minimum. We work with you to define a realistic budget amount that matches your goals and expectations, depending on markets and targets you have.

You can access reports in several ways. receive it automatically whenever you like, daily, weekly as xcel, csv or pdf in your inbox. Get a login and access whenever you want. With strategic partnerships we can also offer an api reporting setup.

No, we don’t charge any extra fees. You only pay for what we deliver

Yes, we can help you with headlines and pictures with no extra cost

Do you want a tailored price for your newsletter ad serving or next ad campaign?

Contact our Sales team to see you how Passendo can help you grow your ad revenue.