Email Ad Serving: trust, loyalty, revenue.

Our ad serving technology enables publishers to amplify their inventory and monetise their newsletters with high-performing, flexible email ads. 


Open up a highly engaged channel, not available with traditional ad servers, and increase revenue streams with our in-email ad server.


Why use our flexible ad server that populates in real time?

Build new business models
Adopt an ad-supported business model with Passendo’s ad server and digitally insert ads in your email that align with your reader's interests.

Add new revenue streams
Commercialise your inventory and build incremental revenue with Passendo’s end-to-end newsletter monetisation.

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Automate team processes
Streamline the operational processes of ad serving.

build new business models

add new revenue streams

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automate team processes

maximise your existing revenue

optimise existing workflows

customise the experience for different users

Maximise your existing revenue
Take your newsletter strategy to the next level with innovative real time ad serving and strengthen engagement and revenue with ad formats that match your editorial content.

Optimise existing workflows

Make better decisions with real-time reporting on advertisers, campaigns and performance.

Customise the experience for different users
Customise your demand strategy according to market, vertical and language with Passendo's real-time, on-open ad serving.


Why serve ads in-email?

We have one word for you:


Email is the largest and oldest digital channel, and with on-going concerns about privacy and security, the opt-in consent-driven nature of email marketing and newsletters means engagement with email ads is much higher than the web. 


  • 2mins longer than web
  • 10% less bounce rate
  • 400% higher CTR on display
  • 300% higher CTR on native

How does the ad server work?

Our ad serving software can help you monetize your inventory by enabling

the insertion and management of ads and promoted content in your email and newsletters.

Commercialise your inventory​

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Build your own private marketplace


How we support your success

We live and breathe email.

Our dedicated client success team prides itself on providing customised onboarding, bespoke setup and real results.
Trusted by some of the world's largest media organisations​

“Big praise goes out to the entire Passendo team, that have been incredibly professional in everything from implementation, making the customer relationship and in day to day support”


Markus Ekber, Chief Revenue Officer, IDG.

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