Get the right attention...with native email advertising

How do you build engagement and revenue in-email? With native ad formats.​

Sync your editorial styling and commercial content with a styling framework – Passendo’s native advertising plugin auto generates on-brand ads in real-time into your email newsletters

Save time by automating your creative process.​

Handling your in-email native advertising shouldn’t be hard

Flexible control and seamless styling.

Reach and convert the right audiences with Maintain your brand identity while still offering sponsored content and ads in your newsletters with the Self Service platform, via a direct Passendo IO campaign or through Passendo’s DSP network.

A media company dedicated to enhancing the lives and businesses of the communities they serve through outstanding content, service and expertise. Archant uses Passendo’s in-email native advertising plugin to increase revenue while maintaining their brand identities.

All the features you need to maintain loyalty and engagement.​

Get full control over how your native ads appear in your email newsletter by predefining everything from fonts types, sizes and colours to the CTA button

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