Passendo for Publishers

Empower your email inventory with high-performing Ad formats

Integrate Passendo into your advertising strategy and gain access to next-gen automation, optimisation, Native and reporting tools for Advertising in Email with our Email Ad Server…

Full Ad Serving Feature Set, Now in Email

Our Ad Server allows you to holistically manage your advertising workflows within email. A platform where detailed campaign booking, targeting and first party data are just a few of the features you control.

Campaign Management – Build, Target, Publish, Measure each campaign from across your network down to a specific placement.

Unlock a whole new way of selling email inventory.

Machine Learning Driven Optimisation

Analytics & Insights – Drive your learnings with actionable data to further optimise your workflows

Native plugin

Build and Publish Custom Native Ad Formats

Manage the aesthetics of your branded content to match the editorial context.

  • Define the framework of each placement
  • Detailed settings for fonts, colours and alignment
  • Review and edit in real-time


Passendo Native Exchange

Supercharge your email sendouts with qualitative native content whilst building new revenue streams through our Native Exchange, with demand from some of the world’s leading native advertising sources.

Integrate: Integrate our lightweight Tags into your Email Sending Platform
Publish: Press send on your newsletters and gain access to our native demand sources
Grow: Build a new source of revenue to help generate growth…

Publisher Case Study

How Two Bonnier Brands Built Reliable Revenue Streams through Email