Privacy Statement

What is Passendo?

Passendo helps publishers run ads in their Email newsletters and helps them commercialise them. This involves providing them access to our Email adserver, and sometimes selling ads on their behalf. If you see an ad from advertiser X, we helped the Publisher show and track the Ad, and we might have sold the ad on behalf of the Publisher.

Our CTO has been leading one of Europe’s leading  adserving platforms and one of the world’s most ambitious programmatic platforms.

What we are trying to say, is that despite if you are a marketeer or an email publisher – you can be 100% sure that you are in safe hands.


Do Passendo share the information you collect with anybody?

In short: No.

We have extensive data protection agreements with everybody that uses our technology, protecting your data from third parties. We do not look at your data, do not share it with anybody. It belongs to you and the publisher that sent you the Email.

The publisher might use it to target ads towards you. If you clicked on a car ad, you might see more car ads on the basis of this click. If you responded poorly to an Ads about shampoo, you might see less shampoo Ads in the future.

If advertiser Y have access to your Email address (because you are a client of theirs now or you were at some point) they can use the Passendo platform to show you specific ads. The advertiser will never get access to any data about you specifically in any way.


What does Passendo potentially know about me?

We might have a one-way encrypted version of your Email address.

One-way encryption means that a mathematical algorithm is used to ensure we can never recover your email address just from the encrypted version. This is called Hashing, and the algorithm used is called SHA256. Everybody that runs the SHA256 algorithm on the same Email address will get the same result. For example, always becomes the string:a2c4caafe8116ba323d051244ee6e647bce9b00b079b1bced7f94cd55276543f

We don’t store your actual Email address, which is to protect you.

We store information about which ads have been shown to you, and if you ignored them, clicked them or something else. Remember, we don’t know your Email, only the one-way encrypted version.


Do you track me in any other way?

We might set a cookie when you click an ad. This is done so we can get information back if you bought an advertised product, or signed up for an offer. We never use the cookie for anything else, and never will.

Please be aware that if you click on an ad, you are taken to a webpage of the advertisers choosing, where we do not control the privacy policy.


What can I opt out of?

Not really a lot. We don’t share your data, and don’t know anything else about how you responded to the ads we showed you. We need core data to operate adserving for the publisher. To opt out of this, simply unsubscribe the newsletter you saw the ad in.



For additional information in regards to your rights under the GDPR, please see the following GDPR privacy statement Passendo GDPR Privacy Statement