It’s no secret that email marketing is, and continues to be, the most effective form of marketing to date. In fact, active email account users surpass five billion, and that number is expected to continue rising until the end of the decade.

Because of this, the advertising and marketing world is continually changing and adopting email marketing strategies that increase exposure, drive action, and contribute to bottom lines.

One rising star stands out in terms of providing effective email marketing: programmatic email advertising.

What Is Programmatic Email Advertising?

In a nutshell, programmatic email advertising allows marketers and advertisers to place native email ads within relevant content, allowing them to have more valuable exposure to their target audience. Placing these ads in email content such as newsletters has shown to have much higher engagement rates. Passendo reports that the average user spends a substantial 25 seconds on average in a newsletter, making email subscribers one of the most lucrative audiences.

Picture yourself advertising your brand of athletic shoes. Wouldn’t it be more valuable for you to be shown in a fitness environment instead of an ad next to an irrelevant article about a political story? Programmatic email advertising allows you to do just that.

Here’s why more marketers and advertisers are reaping the benefits of native email ads through programmatic email advertising.

Programmatic Ads Are the Advertising of the Future

Programmatic advertising, in general, is being widely adopted by marketers and advertisers as the advertising method of the future.

62 percent of marketers use programmatic advertising for ad campaigns, and that number is expected to increase at a rate of 20 percent annually. Programmatic advertising, in general, is no longer optional for advertisers and marketers.

That being said, Passendo leverages the power of programmatic advertising with the power of email marketing to bring you a state-of-the-art platform with core functionality that revolves entirely around your bottom line.

Extremely High Engagement

Perhaps the most significant gold star awarded to email newsletter advertising and email native ads is their high level of engagement. Data reports by Passendo show that email ad campaigns have wildly higher engagement rates when compared with traditional web advertising.

In a side by side comparison of Passendo vs. other traffic sources, they reported three to five times higher engagement than standard display ads. The data also showed that users spend nearly twice as long on a Passendo campaign landing page as compared to all other sources. In terms of email display ads, click-through-rates (CTR) held steady at an average of 20 percent compared to the average CTR of five percent for other traffic sources.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway, however, is that Passendo delivered an average native CTR of 0,33 percent, in comparison to the 0,1 percent native CTR average for web traffic. The conclusion that can be drawn here is that in terms of quality of traffic, Passendo delivers a higher conversion rate. This is because the most engaged users on the web are newsletter subscribers.

Critical Insight and Real-Time Data

Programmatic email advertising is deployed on an automated platform, which enables digital advertising space to be purchased in real time. As such, marketers and advertisers can monitor critical data and insights of ad campaigns as they’re running and make adjustments to optimize the campaigns.

This not only ensures that valuable budget space is used effectively, but it allows advertisers to engage with their audience in a way that will enable them to learn about the behavior of their consumers. Additionally, programmatic email advertising platforms such as Passendo provide targeting, dayparting, and state of the art machine learning algorithms that perfect themselves over time.

Relevant, Increased Impressions

Gone are the days that high impression rates made us go “ooh” and “aah.” Although they’re enticing, marketers and advertisers know high impressions don’t always mean ads are getting in front of relevant eyes.

Email ad campaigns delivered through programmatic email advertising not only allows ads to get in front of your target audience, but it ensures that you’re only paying for relevant impressions. This is primarily due to the fact that purchasing digital advertising space is a more efficient and cost-effective process.

Increased Transparency and Control

Advertisers and marketers know how important it is to have access to their advertising metrics to make adjustments. Programmatic email marketing not only allows them to have exclusive access to premium publisher’s email inventory, but it allows advertisers to see how their ads are performing in different email newsletters.

Most programmatic email advertising solutions will provide you with your own user-friendly platform that you’re free to navigate in order to view data and reporting. This allows you to see critical data that shows what content your audience responds to the most.

It Actually Works

Passendo’s programmatic email advertising won the “Best Use of Native in Email” award by the Native Advertising Institute for their Opel case study. In the case study, the German automobile manufacturer Opel needed to drive ad campaign success by using native formats. To do so, they needed to increase brand recall and purchasing intent for their Insignia model.

Upon partnering with Passendo for their email native ad campaigns, over the course of 21 days the native email ads received almost a million views and generated nearly 2,900 visitors to the landing page. CTRs reported being 0,3 percent to their landing page, and visitors spent an average of almost six minutes on the page.

Metrics delivered by ads in email newsletters are overwhelmingly favorable. Programmatic email advertising works, and it works well.

If you’re ready to take your advertising to the next level by delivering ads that are efficient, engaging, and effective, Passendo is the programmatic email advertising platform you need. Don’t waste your time or money on more impressions that don’t have the potential to convert, and start getting the most out of your ad campaigns.